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The folks at St. Francis Health System in Tulsa, OK now have 84,000 people to contact.


An old computer at a “former” hospital was stolen.

Old hospital?

Was this computer just left behind?

Where there no controls on equipment?

Do you know where all of your computer equipment is?

What do you do with old computers that you want to sell or give to charity?

If you think that just deleting the files is the answer…you are very wrong.

What you need to do is “wipe” the data on the hard drive.

Wiping actually over writes all the data on your hard drive multiple times.

This truly renders the data useless.

Merely deleting files actually leaves the files on your computer while removing the “pointer” to the data.
With the right software, all that data will show up again.
I’ll bet you didn’t know that people actually purchase hard drives on eBay solely for the purpose of pulling data off the drive to see if there is any data of worth on it.

So, you not only need to over write or erase all data on the hard drive…you need to have a policy to steers people in the correct direction.  Take a look at this.

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