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Proper and ongoing training to ensure your office understands the threats to your computers is very important.

A current challenge is something called the “HoeflerText” scam.

Basically, if you use Chrome as your internet browser, upon going to a website that has been hacked, you may see gibberish for the text with a message that says something like:
“The HoeflerText Font wasn’t Found” with a button to update.
This all looks very official, but it isn’t.

Below is an example of what you might see.

chrome font fakeout
What do do?

The quick answer is close that tab. If you can’t close Chrome.
If you need to force close Chrome do so, and when you restart chrome, just start a new session vs. reopening the last browsing session.

This topic of computer use is covered in our online HIPAA training and we also have this as part of our HIPAA computer policies.

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