in HIPAA Headlines by John Brewer

We got a random call today asking if we could fix a broken thumb drive.

“What exactly do you mean?” I asked

“I had my thumb drive in my laptop and then bumped it and it broke off.”

I thought she just wanted what remained in her laptop USB slot removed, which would have been easy enough with needle nose pliers.

No, no, she needed this thumb drive put back together as all of her data is stored on it.

To protect against losing her data, she stored everything on a thumb drive.

Without enlisting somebody with a very high level solder skill set, that data was lost.

Great intentions led to a lousy idea.

Unfortunately we see lots of lousy ideas as offices try to protect their data.

Doing it right is the only way, not only because HIPAA regulations require it, but when you are dealing with the survival of your business, you need to make sure backup is done correctly.

We do this every day and will be glad to talk with you about your backup process.

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