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Georgia’s  largest health insurance company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, has warned 70,000 Georgians that their personal medical information, Social Security numbers and credit card data “may have been wrongly accessed because of a Web site security breach.”

One might argue this isn’t really the fault of BCBS of GA as the security problem at  is part of an even larger breach of its parent company, WellPoint, which this month sent warning letters to 470,000 people across the country.

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“Information was exposed for five months”, said company spokeswoman Cindy Sanders.  “It affected applicants under the age of 65 who were applying for individual policies”.  She said the problem occurred following a faulty Web site upgrade in October.


This is a mess.

WellPoint/BCBS are acting as though, and being treated as if, they are too big to fail.

Until the victims speak up, until we all wake up and realize that Facebook and Google and Twitter are not appropriate places to expose everything about us, we’ll continue to shrug off catastrophes like this.

A small practice would be squashed if they did this…these big companies keep on truckin.

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