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Our original post on this topic noted the attack was using the Barracuda network appliance as part of an attack.

After speaking with Barracuda, we were able to clarify that is NOT the case.

Also, the Barracuda representative explained that this was not a phishing attack, but a ransomware attack.

I’ve removed the previous text to prevent any confusion.

To be clear: there was an ongoing large spam attack in progress. Those using the Barracuda spam blocking service were safe.
This attack had nothing to do with the Barracuda data backup platform or devices.

On the emails mentioned in the Barracuda blog post (it has been updated to include more email examples), all of the emails contained an attachment that was the initiator for a specific type of ransomware attack.

Again, it was clarified to us, that this was not an attack on the Barracuda devices.

Barracuda has a variety of services that include backup and email management (like spam blocking).

The announcement by Barracuda was an alert that their email management unit had spotted this series of harmful emails, and was successfully blocking them. In other words, their system was doing what it is designed to do.

One more time…
This was a spam/ransomware attack in general. Barracuda email system users were protected from this attack.

This has/had nothing to do with the Barracuda backup services.

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