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Wow, 300,000 people who are “clients” of the world’s largest stem cell bank, Cord Blood Registry, have received notification letters that their data may have been breached.

Double Wow – the issue at hand: storage tapes and a laptop were stolen from an employee’s car.

Triple Wow – the tapes nor the laptop were encrypted.

A representative from CBR stated that the tapes may have contained personal data like credit card number, drivers license numbers and social security numbers, but no health information at all.

Gee, that’s comforting.

The challenge of going electronic is not just that health information must be secured, but all personal information must be secured.

This is the challenge of an all electronic world.

You should expect that any company you do business with that takes your personal information, whether health info or your SSN or credit car, that they will treat your data with respect.

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