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A jury recently awarded a dead man’s estate $3 Million in damages.

This man died while in the midst of a…er…menage a trois…the French way of saying 3-some.

As the article states, the family of the dead man sued his cardiologist for not being clear about his condition.

The week before, Martinez reportedly went to the CardioVascular Group in Lawrenceville, Ga., complaining of chest pains that shot up his arm, said CBS affiliate WAOK in Atlanta.

A test was scheduled for eight days later, but the day before the test he decided to engage in the extramarital hanky panky, according to reports.

His attorneys argued that attending cardiologist Dr. Sreeni Gangasani neglected to tell Martinez to refrain from getting too physical — presumably including any sexual activity — before the test was performed.

Aside from the sheer stupidity of the patient, what this article clearly points out to me is the very real need of physicians to constantly manage & reduce risk.

HIPAA compliance is really about this – risk reduction.

Once a physician grasps this reality, swallowing that bitter HIPAA pill is much easier.

This risk reduction mindset will make it much easier to grasp the importance of HIPAA compliance.

People make stupid decisions every day, whether they be patients or staff members.  To protect yourself against this stupidity in your practice, you must have crystal clear HIPAA policies in place and reinforce these HIPAA policies with HIPAA training to ensure everybody understands the rules.

These two simple steps are a huge first step in reducing your risk as a private practice physician.

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