Guess what?

You’re not the only one to wait until the last minute.

You can get your Security Risk Assessment completed in 2016…

But you must act now, and follow our instructions.

Ok, since we are asked this over and over:

How does this work?

Once you purchase our product, you’ll receive a few emails.  In those emails will be links to online questionnaires: one for the administrative side of things and one for your IT folks.  You’ll receive these emails shortly after purchase.

How long will this take?

For most practices, this can be accomplished in about an hour.  About 30 minutes for the administrative questions and about 30 minutes for the IT questions.

If you have more questions than this…well, you should have started earlier.

So, get a move on and purchase now to make the deadline.


Risk Assessment Meaningful Use


Risk Analysis for Meaningful Use

We have developed a simple to follow, easy to implement Risk Assessment for Meaningful Use Stage 1 Core Objective #15. In

Menu Item #15 Meaningful Use Stage 1

case there is any question of what you are required to do, here are the exact requirements:

  • Conducts a risk assessment based on HIPAA requirements
  • Accomplish this risk assessment within your 90 day windows
  • All items for which you are deficient must have an action plan devised to ensure compliance is attained


Some other questions we get asked are:

  • Is this software?
    • No – this is a detailed checklist of items that must be checked not only on your computers, but the physical security of your office and the training of your staff.
  • Must I do this every year?
    • This risk assessment will be a part of your attestation each year. The great part is, once you accomplish the risk assessment this year, and fix your short falls, you following years will be much easier,


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