Meaningful Use Security Risk Analysis

Our Rapid Risk Assessment takes care of everything required by

Meaningful Use Stage 1 Core Objective #15

So you can accomplish your Security Risk Analysis in minimal time


YES it works with any EHR…

Meaningful Use Simplicity Kit

Yes it works with a SaaS based or in-house server based EHR…

Yes…Our Paint-by-number simple process to complete your Risk Assessment quickly and pain-free will bring your Attestation…process…to its completion.

Yes, you can order it right now and have instant access to our Rapid Risk Assessment.

[testimonial testimonialimgurl=”” style=”TA”]This security assessment gave my practice the guidance need to complete our risk assessment in minimal time.  Dr. Ngyen[/testimonial]

The Story

We’ve heard it before, hundreds of times actually.  “How do I do this risk assessment?”

We’ve been dealing with HIPAA related issues for years in our medical IT support business.  As HIPAA has progressed we created multiple solutions to the problems that HIPAA compliance has created.

When Meaningful Use came along, specifically Core Item #15, we knew we could help private practice physicians quickly and easily handle this requirement…so we modified our full blown HIPAA audit and simplified the process into this Meaningful Use Security Risk Analysis,  so it could be handled by essentially anyone within a medical practice.

[testimonial testimonialimgurl=”” style=”TA”]I searched quite a bit and didn’t find anything felt like it was that good, but this Rapid Risk Assessment really covered all the bases.  The conference call to go over our issues was awesome.  Janet Holmes, Practice Manager[/testimonial]

Other solutions out there attempt to solve the security risk analysis with software.  The problem with that is software can only do a portion of the risk analysis.

Our answer is to have an easy to follow risk analysis checklist, so you end with a clear answer as to where exactly your practice stands.

[guarantee style=”TS”]No IFs…No ANDs…No BUTs…
If our Rapid Risk Assessment does not work for your practice, we’ll refund every cent.  Beyond this though, you get our Audit Assurance Guarantee.

Audit Assurance is our pledge to you that we will stand behind you when that auditor shows up.  When the auditor shows up, if you aren’t sure of what needs to occur, you just call us and we’ll handle the situation for you. [/guarantee]

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