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You must start tracking by October 3 to Attest this year!

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  • How many Exclusions do you qualify for?
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We have the answers to these questions and more…like:

  • Is HIPAA really part of Meaningful Use?
  • My EHR is CCHIT certified, isn’t that all I need?
  • Which Objectives to I have to do?

Remember, you must attest in 2011 to get your HITEC Act EHR reimbursement money this year.

This is also the easiest way to attest, as you only have to track for 90 days!

Get moving today in order to make Meaningful Use Attestation as easy as possible.

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Here is exactly what you get in the Meaningful Use Quick Kit:

  • Risk Analysis Policy & Procedure
  • Risk Management Policy & Procedure
  • Sanction Policy
  • Information System Activity Review Policy & Procedure

Bonus #1 – Stage 1 Meaningful Use Objective Exclusions Guide

Bonus #2 – Meaningful Use Score Card

Bonus #3 – Core Quality Measures Explained

Bonus #4 – 45 minute Webinar Q & A (not part of Boot camp)

The Meaningful Use Boot Camp is the above product PLUS:

  • Four 1-hour webinar Q & A sessions

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Remember, meaningful use is part of the HITEC Act which is the origin of the electronic health record (EHR) reimbursement program.  As the CMS and ONC are not just going to hand out checks, they want to make sure the EHR you have purchased and want reimbursement toward is a worthy system.  As part of this proof, the EHR must be CCHIT certified.  Additionally, there is certain information you must pull from your EHR to prove you are using it in a “meaningful way”.

To many this comes across as a bunch of red tape…which it is, but these are the rules by which you must play.  These meaningful use guidelines are how the CMS plans to push you into using your new EHR as they wish.

Stage 1 meaningful Use has 15 core objectives and 5 menu objectives you must attest to.  Plus, you need to be able to report on a set of core quality measures.

Meaningful Use reimbursement schedule

The often overlooked portion is core objective #15 which is the HIPAA objective.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that since you have a CCHIT certified EHR, that you are done.  You are only about 80% of the way, there is still plenty more to do, and we show you this in our Meaningful Use Quick Kit.

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