Had a data breach?

Think you might have had a data breach?

Watch this:

What is your PHI Data Breach Action Plan?
It doesn’t matter if it was a hack…
It doesn’t matter if it was a simple mistake…
It doesn’t matter if it is not your fault.
what does matter is…

How you react.

Did you proactively reach out to your patient(s)?
Did the patient come to you and tell you about the breach?
Who else do you need to notify?
Any idea what the number 500 means in this situation?
How many days do you have to deal with this?
Attorneys can smell blood.
They also know when a fight is not worth fighting.

If a patient goes to an attorney about a data breach, that attorney will look at our process and make a decision.
If how you handled this situation looks bungled, the attorney is going to dig and look for more issues.

If you don’t have your HIPAA compliance act SOLID, that attorney is going to make you twist and turn…
and you’ll be thrilled to settle with them.

BUT, if you have a solid process that you followed – guided by our checklist

Answer their questions with complete confidence – because you know the answers thanks to our policy

That attorney will likely tell the patient there is no case.

The choice is yours…roll the dice…
or get a solid policy and procedure in place to deal with this intense situation.