Meaningful Use Risk Assessment


Core Item #15 of Meaningful UseACS Risk Analysis
Stage 1 requires that you accomplish
a Risk Assessment on your practice.

In a perfect world, you would hire a company to send a team of technicians to your practice where they would spend days scouring your office, your computers, your network….

In the end you would know where your office stands in regard to the risks your office takes in handling patient health information (PHI) and you would know exactly which areas need to be addressed.

The problem with this method, as it requires a great deal of manpower, is the cost – it is very expensive.
We know…we do this process for clients on a regular basis.

BUT – to make the Risk Assessment for Meaningful Use a realistic endeavor for most practices, we have created a streamlined process, which we call the Rapid Risk Assessment.

This is a hybrid process where we supply you with the actual checklists we use.  This process is broken down into two parts:

[list style=”Check1green”]

  • Administrative
  • Technical



First, you give the Administrative portion to your Practice Administrator, or whomever you have deemed your HIPAA Security Manager, for them to accomplish.

Next, you give the Technical portion to Absolute Computer Solutions (ACS).  We have worked with ACS and they know what to expect from our checklist and how to complete it quickly and thoroughly.

The great thing about this partnership is the speed in which this Meaningful Use Risk Assessment can be accomplished.

In the end you will know exactly where your office stands in regard to the risks your office takes in handling PHI and you will know exactly which areas need to be addressed….just like if a team of technicians descended on your practice…only at a fraction of the cost and time.

Oh yes, there is more – here is where the Hybrid portion comes in…Once you have completed the Rapid Risk Assessment, you schedule a conference call with one of our HIPAA Experts to go over the areas where you have questions or shortfalls.  We go over those areas with you line-by-line and ensure you have a solid solution for any short falls.

We make sure you go into the attestation process
with complete confidence.

Speaking of which – when you get audited (you must always expect to) – if there are any questions that you or the auditor has, give us a call and we’ll spend as much time as necessary to clear up any questions that may exist.

If you have further questions call us at 424-225-2739 or click the button below to view the pricing and order your Meaningful Use Risk Kit.

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