It’s not required….but it is SMART.

When you have staff members or billing companies gaining access to your office network remotely, how do you know they are working from a computer that is as secure as the computers in your office?

IF they are not working from secure computers…just imagine what kind of trouble they could be causing.

This is where our HIPAA Home Office Checklist & training comes in.

Quite simply, this is a one-page checklist / agreement, plus a short online training course.

Upon watching the online training, you will be directed to download our HIPAA Home Office Checklist.  This checklist walks the user through how their home computer…and network…should be setup.

Afterward, the user signs the checklist and returns to your office, stating they are now working in a secure situation.

This will reduce your stress, reduce the risk of a PHI data breach and increase how much sleep you get each night.

Get your copy now!

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